Soul Tree Therapy

Unique faces tree logo design featuring a beautiful tree design with the side profile of three people’s heads incorporated into the top of the tree canopy. Colourful leaves burst from …

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Generation Tree

Twisted bent tree with the tree branches creating the impression of four people figures. Colourful leaves burst from the tree branches with the extending roots anchoring into the earth. (tree, …


Tree House Country Inn

Beautiful logo design, that transforms a simple tree into something extraordinary. This lush tree features different styled widows placed throughout the tree canopy. A beautiful wooden door creates the entrance …


Treedition Scroll

The trunk of the tree is represented by an unraveling scroll. The paper of the scroll transforms into the trunk of the tree. Soft brown shades of leaves are placed …

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Heritage Gene tree

Floral elegant tree design. The trunk of the tree could also represent a DNA strand gene or double-helix chromosome. (family tree, scroll, fancy, flourishing, elegance, gene, chromosome, DNA, strand, science, …

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