Majestic Roots

Unique and distinctive tree woman logo design, with the woman’s lower body designed with stylized natural tree roots, repressing the woman’s dress/gown. The woman’s upper body emerges from the growing …


Timberwoods Natural Yoga

Unique, modern and distinctive yoga meditation inspired logo design. This yoga themed logo features a beautiful woman meditating in a sitting yoga position with her hands in an upward position. …

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Wind Force Energy

Bold, modern and abstract re-newable wind energy logo design. The design incorporates four wind propellors that create a overlapping design with a lightning energy volt created within the middle of …


Rivulet Dental

Unique dental logo design that creatively incorporates a molar dental tooth into the this mountain, hillside and river landscape design. The mountain is designed to look like a stylized dental …


Garden Utopia

Colourful, leaves are designed to create a lioness face emerging from the tropical jungle. (lion, animal, mane, animal head, majestic, courage, mythology, leaf, green, organic, eco, concept, design, foliage, natural, …


Chèvre Goat

Shabby Chic, country style logo design featuring a stylized goat. The goat is designed within a square shape that’s framed with natural organic leafy vine elements, created in a whimsical …


Divine Success

Elegant, stylish abstract representation of a woman figure with her arms reaching outward. The woman’s legs morph into extending tree roots with subtle simple leaves growing from the roots/branches. (tree, …

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Lion Turf Lawn Care

Bold and strong logo design featuring a lion’s face with the lion’s mane designed to look like blades of green growing grass. Standout from other lawn care service providers with …

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Addison’s Soap

Rustic and natural design created with elegant stylized leaves that create this natural and organic design. The company initials are placed on either side of the design to add a …

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