Mind Path

Modern design of a side profile face. A curving pathway or river divides the head into several different sections. (face, side, head, girl, boy, human, male, contour, shape, profile, model, …

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Gold Mind Maze

Modern and distinctive design of a brain created to look like tunnels/pathways within the brain. The tunnels create the impression of a shovel to represent digging into the mind/mine. (maze, …

Logo Sold

Trio Triangle

Simple, modern and abstract design consisting of geometrical overlapping shapes that create the three sides of a triangle. (business, abstract, icon, network, white, community, triangle, corporate, future, concept, unity, success, …


Royal Real Estate

Distinctive design that features a royal hanging flag that’s designed with a community/neighbourhood of homes designed within the flag (real, roof, home, construction, building, concept, graphic, design, housing, corporate, business, …


Magnetic Connections

Bold, colourful and simple logo that that incorporates geometric style hearts. The hearts are positioned so that the letter m shape is created within the white space of the heart …