Modish Dental Arts

Clean and modern dental logo design of a molar tooth created with different sized coloured circles that create the impression of the tooth shape. Contained in the center of the …

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Inner Ikigai Tree

Japanese ikigai tree logo design. The design of the ikigai tree canopy is created with four overlapping circles that create the different segments of the ikigai. A center eye is …

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Circle of Purpose

Japanese ikigai logo symbol design concept meaning “a reason for being”. The design is created with four overlapping circles that create different segments while also creating the impression four connecting …

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Fruit Blend

Various kinds of different fruits are arranged in a color motif pattern designed to create the impression of a takeaway drink beverage cup with a straw in the middle. The …


Fruit Burst

Bursting abstract fruity logo created with colorful overlapping circles that create a motif pattern that presents various kinds of fruits that swirl and blend together. The design represents mixing and …


Color Bloom TV

Abstract design composed of various circles positioned to create a colorful impression of TV. (Note: the TV antennas can be removed to create a new concept) (tv, retro, screen, analog, …


Ingenious Solutions

Magic genie lamp with colorful polka dots emerging from the genie lamp. This a creative and unique logo design that will add style and uniqueness to your business! (magic, idea, …


Berry Plums Tree

Beautiful, elegant logo design Flowing graceful lines join together to form this beautiful bursting leaf tree design. Hints of soft plum colorful accents are placed throughout to add a pop …


Quote People

Bright colourful speech bubbles with a stylized figure created within the speech bubble shape. (connect, talking, speech bubble, rainbow, colourful, people, person, spectrum, connection, media, social media, social networking, communication, …