Lady Justice Tree Scales Logo Sold

Elegant, strong and classy law firm themed logo design featuring a stylized woman figure designed to look like a tall growing tree with her arms reaching out. The woman figure represents lady justice with her body, figure and arms designed to look like a scale of justice. Beautiful simple clean lines create the formation of the woman’s figure with stylized branches and leaves creating a round top canopy. (law, legal, law firm, justice, lady, woman, female, figure, balance, layer, statue, advocate, arbitration, beautiful, beauty, business, concept, government, equality, business, judge, judgment, judicature, judiciary, justice, justness, libra, scale, silhouette, symbolic, blue, elegant, sophisticated, classy, formal, tree, branches, leaves, trees, nature, natural, legal firm, iustitia, leaf, leaves, roots, rooted, trunk, body, outreach, weighing)

Created: 06/21/2018